LeaderBoard + Rewards - Rewarding Customer Feedback of Employees

Customer Feedback Of Employees - Leaderboard + Rewards

How the LeaderBoard + Rewards Software Tracks Customer Feedback of Employees

Our software creates competition between your employees to enhance customer satisfaction!

Chatavise automatically matches reviews with the employees that earn them, and uses this data to populate a ranking list of all employees who gain reviews for the business.

  • Keep track of top team members and those with room for improvement, without using time consuming spreadsheets and handwritten charts.

  • Always have your finger on the pulse of your workforce and know when to acknowledge above and beyond work, or focus on extra training.

  • View a deep dive on each employee, and see each team member’s reviews over time to track any trends in negative feedback to highlight weak spots.

  • Display customer feedback for employees to the entire team for complete transparency. Rank employees by the reviews they earn with no extra steps.

  • Competition motivates employees to provide better experiences for customers, better services rendered, and more passion for their work!

How The Reward System Works:

Employees love to work where they feel valued.  Show your team members just how important they are by thanking them for their efforts in meaningful way.

  • For each review that an employee earns, they gain points that can be redeemed for rewards.

  • Customize the number of points that an employee receives for different types of reviews, or quality of the review received.

  • Detract points for negative reviews to incentivize good service.

  • Reward your employees for the reviews they earn with incentives that speak to them: paid time off, payroll bonuses, even exciting prizes like high end grills or cruise vacations!

  • Cater the rewards you offer to the interests of your team and see the connection grow.

  • Customize the value of each prize by points.

  • The system is easy to use. Even tech averse employees are able to request rewards easily, right from the Chatavise mobile app!

  • After a redemption is requested by an employee, Admins receive a notification for final approval with our request/approve system.

  • Approve requests on a case-by-case basis to ensure oversight and prevent abuse of the reward system.

Last step is to provide the reward! Following the requirements of your state, forward the approval to your team member who does the accounting in your business to provide the reward on the employee’s next payroll, or provide employee’s prize item at next convenience.

In addition to tracking your employees’ reviews, we also provide reputation management software that consolidates all your online reviews into one place for the entire business.