Customer Engagement Tools

Chatavise offer's a full suite of customer engagement tools that provide easier communication, faster responses, and happier, more connected customers.


Chatavise offers a centralized inbox solution for businesses, making it a useful customer engagement tool for users to conveniently view all communication channels in one place, including Google, Facebook, SMS, and more. The platform facilitates efficient team collaboration by displaying all team members’ chats across various platforms directly from the Chatavise home page. Enhancing customer engagement, the system provides filtering options by keyword, team member assignment, and tags, ensuring that no customer inquiries are overlooked. Additionally, users can set reminders to stay organized.

Customer engagement tools don’t always need to be used in-person!  Our platform introduces powerful automation capabilities, enabling businesses to streamline messaging throughout the customer experience. Users can automate tasks such as sending appointment reminders, job and product updates, and sales follow-ups based on predefined events. Chatavise supports API integration with standard CRMs, ensuring seamless customer data updates, and includes a bulk-upload feature for those without a CRM. The system allows for personalized messaging, utilizing specific data points such as names, locations, phone numbers, and order details.

For real-time job and technician tracking, Chatavise provides an interactive dashboard to monitor in-field employees, track arrival times, and offer customers visibility into technician locations, fostering transparency and efficiency.  

Imagine giving your customers the power to effortlessly reach out for assistance or for services right from the comfort of their homes or while enjoying your product or services. Signal has introduced an innovative QR code system that makes this a reality! Strategically placed at customer residences and key spots within your establishment, our QR codes act as a direct line to your services. A QR code scan allows customers to easily schedule services, ask questions, or connect with support. It is Ideal for hotels, lounges, clubs, and retail shops looking to enhance their service. Make every interaction count with Signal!