Referral Generator

Referral Generator

Referral Generator

Online Referral tools are a great way to generate business, but oftentimes difficult to implement and maintain. Chatavise's Referral Generator solves this by automating the entire process!

Set up the Chatavise Referral Generator to automatically send an invitation to refer your business to every customer who leaves a positive review. If they loved working with your business, they probably know people who need your services too! 

Each customer receives a custom link they can send to family and friends to refer to your business, and where they can keep track of how many times their link is shared. If their referrals become closed business for you, they can also keep track of any rewards they are owed!

Create your own verbiage for the invite message that is sent to your happy customers, as well as the message their referee sees when they click on the referral link. There are also multiple different ways customers can refer their friends and family:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • QR Code
  • Simple copy/paste

Choose which options customers can use to share their links, what incentives to offer your customers, and any offer available to the people they refer, all from the easy setup page.

Use the Referral Generator Dashboard to view how many referral links are sent to your happy customers, how many times they share their links, and even how many prospective leads submit referral forms and eventually convert. 

Easily keep track of which customers have earned incentives and who the top referrers are, as well which method of link sharing gains the most traction. It’s easy to maintain a referral program when it runs itself!

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