Lead Engagement Tools

Let Customers Reach You, Wherever They Find You.


Elevate your online customer experience with Chatavise’s Web Chat widget, seamlessly integrated into your website. This lead engagement tool transforms your website into a dynamic gateway for customers to explore and engage with your business effortlessly. Customers can connect with your business on their terms, whether through inquiries, appointment scheduling, or establishing connections, fostering stronger relationships with existing customers and creating a welcoming environment for potential clients. The Web Chat widget accommodates various communication preferences, allowing customers to choose between phone calls or text messages.

Our Platform Integrations provide another lead engagement tool that helps you keep all your lead capture in one place. This synergy facilitates strategic follow-ups based on customer interactions within the web chat, allowing for instant recognition and appreciation of loyal customers. The optional messenger bot feature further enhances the customer experience with if-this-then-this questions and responses, guiding them to swift solutions. Users have the flexibility to link to FAQ articles or follow up with a text or email from an agent, tailoring question trees to their desired complexity. By choosing Chatavise’s Web Chat widget, as a core lead engagement tool in your business, you can simplify access to information, empower customer engagement, and strengthen connections with their audience.

Utilize Chatavise’s text marketing to engage customers at every stage, enhancing their lifetime value. With effortless opt-in methods like QR codes, keywords, and review prompts, building a customer list becomes seamless, boosting sales opportunities. Promotional text is a powerful lead engagement tool that drives leads towards conversions while offering articles, deals, and advice. Share updates on new services or events, keeping customers informed. Leverage text messaging for referral marketing by prompting satisfied customers to refer others, maximizing your business’s outreach potential.

The Benefits Of Lead Engagement Tools

  • Surveys show that 49% of consumers said they prefer to use chat widgets for customer service, compared to 22% who prefer email and 16% who prefer phone.
  • Utilizing platform and website messaging as lead enagagement tools allow your team to capture leads from every possible corner, then maintain connections with those leads to ensure a secured sale.
  • Keep your whole team busy with additional customer support and a stronger, warmer list of leads, all within a platform that makes sure no one slips through the cracks.
  • Easy access to your company ensures customer retention!
  • Customers like to do business with companies that they know will be available to them when they need assistance.