Leaderboard - Team Reviews Software

Our Team Reviews Software Uses Real-time Customer Feedback to Foster Friendly Competition.


LeaderBoard and Rewards

Performance Recognition With LeaderBoard

Chatavise’s team reviews software streamlines the process of recognizing and rewarding employee achievements. Through automatic review matching, the platform generates a ranking list of employees based on the reviews they earn for the business, offering a clear snapshot of individual performance. Our employee tracking features eliminate the need for time-consuming spreadsheets, allowing businesses to keep a constant pulse on their workforce. This enables timely acknowledgment of exemplary work and identifies areas where additional training may be beneficial. This competitive element enhances motivation as employees can visualize their progress and see how their reviews stack up against their peers.

Incentivizing Excellence With Rewards

The Reward System complements this by emphasizing the value of employee contributions. Employees accumulate points for each review earned, which can be redeemed for customizable rewards such as paid time off, payroll bonuses, or exciting prizes like high-end grills or cruise vacations. The system is user-friendly, allowing even tech-averse employees to easily request rewards through the Chatavise mobile app. Admins review and approve redeemed rewards, ensuring oversight and preventing system abuse. The final step involves the employer or admin providing the approved reward, adhering to state requirements and integrating the reward into the employee’s next payroll. This comprehensive system fosters a culture of appreciation, engagement, and healthy competition within the workplace.

The Benefits of Tracking With Team Reviews Software:

Once you earn reviews, what you do with them matters in house and out.

  • Teams work better in an environment that incentivizes good behavior.

  • Front-facing employees are the face of your business, and this will put their skin in the game!

  • Competition typically fosters better output from all employees. 

  • The Chatavise Rewards system is fully customizable, allowing a wide variety of structures and prizes that works well for your business and motivates your team.