Customer Feedback Software

Our customer feedback software uses customer impressions to adjust the focus of your business in the right direction!


Chatavise’s SoundingBoard feature revolutionizes the gathering of customer feedback to enhance the overall customer experience. Utilizing a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down system, customers receive a text message prompt after a designated time, allowing them to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service. This apect of our customer engagement software provides flexibility in timing outreach for feedback, allowing businesses to text customers immediately after payment or introduce a buffer window before seeking feedback.

This prompt follow-up demonstrates a commitment to customer care and encourages honest feedback without the discomfort of face-to-face requests. In the event of negative feedback, Chatavise automatically texts the customer to convey concern, signaling that a team member will be in touch for assistance. Timely conflict resolution is facilitated through notifications for negative feedback, reinforcing the importance of addressing issues before they escalate publicly.

Chatavise goes beyond basic feedback with customizable surveys, offering a detailed understanding of the customer experience without overwhelming the client base. By texting targeted surveys, businesses can pose specific questions about services and products, ensuring a nuanced evaluation of customer satisfaction. The surveys are fully customizable, allowing businesses to structure questions, choose response formats, and collect valuable data on aspects like job satisfaction and task completion. Surveys are strategically sent to 1/10 customers in place of the SoundingBoard question, maintaining unpredictability for team members and keeping them focused on delivering exceptional customer service.

The impact of surveys on employee scores is customizable, allowing businesses to align numerical ratings with individual performance. Our customer engagement software provides comprehensive reporting, offering rollup reports on each survey question and a detailed list of all surveys given. Additionally, businesses can track incomplete surveys, providing insights into the survey’s length and potential adjustments needed for more efficient feedback collection.


The Benefits Of Receiving Feedback via Customer Feedback Software

  • Surveys have shown that for every customer who complains, there are 26 who remain silent, meaning businesses have an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction by addressing negative reviews. 

  • Businesses that resolve a complaint quickly and effectively have a 95% chance of customers returning to do business with them again.