Automated Review Requests

It’s never been easier to ask your customer for reviews than with Chatavise!

  • If left to their own devices, most customers will only leave a review if they feel heavily impacted by the service they received.

  • The solution is to offer easy access to review platforms, while the excellent service is still fresh!

  • Give them clear navigation to the appropriate review platforms to provide the review.

  • Not all users have logins to all platforms. Give them multiple options to conveniently provide you an online review.

Personalize Your Review Requests

Make customers feel a more direct connection to your business with info specific to their account.

  • Maximize the online reviews you receive via personalized requests to every customer.

  • Send customers a link with a request that uses their name, order information, employees that assisted them- by having each of these components in the review request, it increases the likelihood of receiving a detailed review.

  • Personalize the request link with your log, custom image, and even your own brand colors.

Have complete control of when review requests are sent! This includes…

  • At point of job completion

  • At point of custom event

  • Time delay after a custom event or job completion

  • Submit a manual request for a current/past customer

Connect the review platforms you prefer to drive customers towards the best outcome for your business including Google My Business, Facebook, and others.

The Customer Experience

Stay on top of your business’s reputation.

Once happy customers have provided internal feedback, they are directed immediately to your selected review platforms to publicly brag about your business.

Unhappy customers are encouraged to message or call your team directly about their issue. This increases the possibility of supporting unhappy customers in real-time. In compliance with review platform regulations, we also provide them the option to give you an online review.

Manage Online Reviews and Reputation


Businesses don’t have a clear picture of their online reputation, which is scattered across many online platforms.


Businesses need an easy way to respond to both negative and positive reviews effectively to better manage consumer impressions of their business online. We make it easy to see reviews for your business from all of your preferred platforms in one place. We also provide a software that allows you to create multiple pre-set responses that are ready to be used once the review is received, meaning no regular maintenance!


  • View a table of all reviews and feedback your business has received, with easier filtering and search to show any review, whenever you need it.

  • Add notes next to reviews to ensure your whole team stays in the loop on every situation.

  • No more switching between review platforms every time there’s a new review- post replies to reviews right from the Chatavise platform.

  • View a dashboard showing the health of your business’ reputation, updated daily

  • Analyze and track the reviews you gain across your preferred review platforms, all in one place.

  • Work directly with our team to ensure your strategy is working as intended

  • Watch your ratings improve as you grow, or ensure you stay at the top!

  • Automating responses to positive reviews frees up time for you to address negative reviews as soon as they happen!

  • Chatavise will randomize the templates that are used in replies to ensure that they do not sound automated. We recommend 10 or more.