Reputation Management Software

Grow review count, boost your brand’s reputation, and gain new business with Chatavise's Reputation Management Software.


Chatavise’s Reputation Management Software streamlines the process of growing your review count, enhancing your brand’s reputation, and attracting new business. Recognizing the tendency of happy customers to leave fewer reviews than unhappy ones, the platform addresses this challenge by providing an easy opportunity for customers to share their feedback. It offers clear navigation to various review platforms, accommodating users without logins to all platforms.

Our Reputation Management Software emphasizes personalized review requests, sending customers links tailored with their name, order information, and employee details to maximize the likelihood of detailed reviews. Users can time review requests strategically, whether at the point of job completion, custom events, or with a time delay after a specific event, and connect preferred review accounts like Google My Business and Facebook.

Chatavise’s Reputation Management Software tackles the issue of businesses lacking a clear picture of their scattered online reputation. The solution lies in providing an easy way to respond to both negative and positive reviews effectively. The platform enables businesses to create pre-set responses for efficient review management and consolidates reviews from various platforms in one accessible location. Users can view a table of all received reviews, add notes for team collaboration, and post replies directly from the Chatavise platform.

Our reputation management software offers a comprehensive dashboard to analyze the health of a business’s reputation, track reviews across preferred platforms, and collaborate with the Chatavise team for strategy refinement. The auto-responder feature automates responses to positive reviews, freeing up time to address negative feedback promptly while ensuring a personalized touch with randomized response templates.

Maximize Customer Engagement
With Dynamic Text Messaging

Open Inbox - Customer Messaging Software

Utilize Chatavise’s text messaging to engage customers at every stage, enhancing their lifetime value. With effortless opt-in methods like QR codes, keywords, and review prompts, building a customer list becomes seamless, boosting sales opportunities. Promotional texts drive leads towards conversions while offering articles, deals, and advice. Share updates on new services or events, keeping customers informed. Leverage text messaging for referral marketing by prompting satisfied customers to refer others, maximizing your business’s outreach potential.

Why Reputation Management?

  • 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Using automation to personalize messaging to customers, guarantee consistency, and familiarize customers with the phone number you text from all feeds into the final result: MORE REVIEWS!
  • Research has shown that review signals account for 10% of data that dictates which businesses are listed first in search results by industry-
  • Gain reviews, better community standing, and improve your odds of being the first company shown in search results with Chatavise!