Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation

Text Marketing is becoming more and more important in order to reach customers effectively, in spite of SMS being a difficult space to navigate both legally and logistically. Let Chatavise’s expert team help to ensure you stay compliant with FCC guidelines, while the Chatavise platform does all the work of reaching out to your client base!

Be as specific as you need with how many messages you send, what they say, and what time they are sent. 

With a daily limit of 2,000 promotional texts, you can reach a huge audience right at their fingertips! Use pre-made templates for your messages, or attach an entire sequence of images and messages to send your selected list. Get creative and test what gets the biggest response from your audience!

Chatavise automatically messages each of your customers a review invite link. Customers who leave positive feedback within this link see a simple message asking them if they would like to receive promotional messages from your business. It truly is that simple! Customers who opt-in in this method are automatically added to your promotional contact list.

Other methods for opt-in include the Chatavise Web Chat widget, Keywords, and Scan-to-Text, a Chatavise solution that opens the default texting app on the customer’s phone and automatically fills the message space with a drafted Keyword of your choosing, ready for the customer to then hit send for automatic opt-in.

Chatavise automatically segments your contacts into Transactional and Promotional lists to ensure you stay compliant with FCC guidelines, without any extra effort.

Create a transactional campaign for a list of all of the customers who you have serviced within the Chatavise platform, or a promotional campaign to text only the customers who have opted in to receive promotional messages from your business. 

From here, choose specific customers to message or create a campaign for your entire promotional contact list and stay connected with your customers!

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