SoundingBoard: How it Works

A simple, yet effective tool to get feedback from your customers.

Customers are provided a simple thumbs up thumbs down regarding their service experience via text message after a time that you set.

  • Let Chatavise text as soon as payment is taken, or even allow a buffer window before checking for feedback!

  • Following up to check on service as soon as it is completed shows customers that you care about their experience.

  • Asking customers for their first impression of your service or products can be stressful. Take the pressure off and see how many reviews you get without awkward face-to-face requests!

Chatavise will text the unhappy customer automatically so that they know that you care and a member of your team will be reaching out to them to assist.

  • Receive notifications when you receive thumbs down feedback from customers.

  • Resolving complaints in a timely, effective manner builds trust between a company and its customers. We understand the importance of giving the customer the option to provide you with direct feedback before they make their feedback more publicly known.

  • Create long lasting connections with customers through conflict resolution and see just how loyal they become!

In our Team Tracking and Rewards section, monitor and gamify getting positive feedback from customers.