Custom Surveys

Custom Surveys

Custom Surveys

Ever wanted to ask customers more direct questions about their experience? With custom surveys, now you can.

  • Learn additional detailed feedback about the customer experience without bogging down your entire client base.

  • By creating surveys to text your customers, you can ask targeted questions about the service and products they receive from your employees to ensure that customer service is always exceptional.

Chatavise Surveys are fully customizable. Create questions, choose the format that customers can use to answer, and then sit back and collect precious data on job satisfaction, task completion, and more! Format with scales, emoticons, thumb signals, star ratings, sentiment, etc.

We will typically sending a survey in place of the Soundingboard question to 1 in 10 customers.

  • Team members will never know when the user will receive a survey vs. a simple Soundingboard request. This will keep them on their toes to provide the best possible customer service in every interaction that they have.

  • Surveys still impact the employee’s score on the leaderboard. Just like the questions, the numerical impact is customizable.

  • Receive rollup reporting on each question in your survey as well as a straight list of all surveys given.

  • You also can see when a customer has failed to fully fill out their survey mid-way through, which could be an indicator of needing less questions in your survey.