Who is Chatavise Built For?

Below are some of the industries we serve and what they love most about using Chatavise. This list is constantly growing!

Home Services

Thanks to Chatavise, a satisfied home service customer thanking a technician.

Our home services clients use the employee leaderboard and reward system to improve employee retention and keep their teams engaged.

Home Services clients use Chatavise to make it easy for their customers to know where technicians are and cutting back on ETA phone calls.


A consultant meeting with a client on time thanks to Chatavise's automation services!

Our consulting clients use Chatavise to keep track of certain dates and appointments and keep customers aware of their next scheduled session.

Consultants love the convenience of seamless data integration between their favorite CRM and Chatavise.


Chatavise client inspecting a car for insurance purposes.

Insurance agents love to cross sell via text marketing between different insurance types.

Our insurance clients use Chatavise to keep track of appointments and keep customers aware of their next scheduled meeting.

Food Service

Chatavise QR Signal is great for restaurant and food service clients!

Clients can order their food right from a QR Code placed at their table. Customers love the convenience and restaurants love knowing the table to serve without memorization or notes.

Restaurants get a lot of reviews. Auto-reply to positive reviews making it easier to spend more time addressing the negative reviews.

Dry Cleaning

Chatavise text automation and QR signal are great for dry cleaning businesses!

Dry Cleaning Businesses love the convenience of automating their updates to consumers on the status of their dry cleaning service.

Dry Cleaning businesses can generate more reviews via a QR code placed at their counter.


Use Chatavise's Technician Tracking to ensure deliveries are on time and never missed!

Delivery services love the convenience of giving customers real time data on the movement of when their package is out for delivery.

Delivery businesses love being able to receive actionable feedback broken down by technician.

Furniture Sales

Chatavise's text marketing and leaderboard are perfect tools to assist with furniture sales.

Furniture Sales teams love to send promos to customers who have previously visited their store.

Furniture Sales can track both salespeople and furniture delivery feedback and reputation to streamline the consumer experience.

Furniture businesses can tell their customers when furniture is on the way to their home.


Chatavise's reputation management is the perfect tool for retail businesses!

Retail Sales teams love to send promos to customers who have previously visited their store.

Retail locations need a platform that helps them manage the reviews they receive on a regular basis. Automate responses to positive reviews and spend more quality time addressing negative reviews.

Medical Practices

Chatavise will soon be available for use in medical practices.

We’re building towards being HIPAA compliant!